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Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer

At Epstein & Conroy in Brooklyn, New York, our experienced criminal defense attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience protecting the accused against all types of criminal charges.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who speaks well, is persuasive and knows the courts and how to work with the law. The Brooklyn Criminal Law attorneys at Epstein & Conroy can help you with your criminal issue. Call 718-852-6763 or send us an email.

A Proactive Approach

At Epstein & Conroy, we take a proactive approach to our cases. We don't let the district attorney dominate the case; we take control. We strive to get the charges against you dismissed and, if that is not feasible, then mitigate the consequences and alleviate the impact it has on you, your finances and your family.

A Reputation for Protecting Reputations

We are well respected in the legal community, known for providing high-quality legal services and personal attention to our clients. We are trial lawyers, and our opposition knows that we are not scared to defend our clients in the courtroom. We won't advise you to take a plea that is not in your best interests.

Providing Honest Counsel and Personal Service

We are honest with our clients. Our clients are aware of the position and the legal strategy that we are going to take to protect their freedom and their reputation. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and your family, so communication is a pillar of our practice. We will promptly return telephone calls and e-mail messages — always keeping you informed of your case and your options.

Contact an Experienced New York Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

If you have been charged with a crime, contact Epstein & Conroy today. Call 718-852-6763 or send us an e-mail. From our offices in Brooklyn, we serve all five New York boroughs — Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx — as well as communities outside the city.